Monday, February 27, 2012

Bumps, Lupus Rashes, and a Late Birthday

After almost a month, I finally got to celebrate my birthday with some of my friends. Endless sushi and trick candles. What more could a girl want?

When I got home, I spent an hour or two with my family watching "The Big Bang Theory". I think "The Big Bang Theory" is one of the funniest shows on television. Jim Parsons is absolutely perfect for the role of Sheldon. His laugh is the funniest thing I have ever seen.
Strange bumps- looks like bug bites.

After the show, I got ready for bed. It was then that I noticed my arm was covered in red, raised bumps. They look like bug bites, but I wasn't outside for more than a minute. I know they weren't there when I left the house, and I wore my leather jacket the entire time. Except while I was eating. Maybe that was when it happened. I don't know. I'm a bit creeped out that I didn't notice them at all. 

At the restaurant, I did notice that I had developed a Lupus rash on my cheeks. They're do darn annoying. I know when I'm starting to get one because my face will feel hot, as if I had gotten a sunburn. It happens very suddenly, usually in a matter of seconds. It almost always happen if I go outside and it's sunny. Sometimes when it is cloudy it will appear, but rarely. It also will happen when I'm at home or random places when I'm inside. Sometimes it will last for 15 minutes. Other times it will last for a few hours. I have never had it last for more than a day. It's slightly raised. I can feel the difference if I lightly brush my finger along my face. It almost isn't noticeable. It doesn't itch, though. It mainly just burns.
My typical face rash.
This time I was just sitting in the sushi restaurant with my friends when I felt my face burning. For a second I wasn't sure if I was just blushing. But I didn't have a reason for blushing. When I went to the bathroom after our meal, I checked myself out in the mirror, and there it was.

Does this ever happen to you? When things like this happen to you, do you ever wonder why all the weird things happen to you? Ever since I was little, I always had the strangest medical problems happen to me. When I got my ears pierced, my earring was sucked inside my ear by my earlobe. When I got my wisdom teeth removed, one of my teeth were growing in upside down. Nothing ever seems to be normal or straight-forward.

Stay tuned... I'm going to an exercise class for people with arthritis. It should be an interesting experience.

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  1. I can certainly relate to you with the oddities. I baffle and confound medical personnel constantly. My Dish fears more for the rare side-effects of treatments and my conditions than the average ones, as the more rare they're listed, the faster my body seems to acquire them. But, I like to remind him that it was my uniqueness that attracted him to me in the first place. And it really was - on one of our first dates I kept tripping over nothing - clumsiness from my condition. He thought I was doing a comic bit. We've (mostly) been laughing together since.

    Glad to find another unique gal.

  2. Part of me likes to baffle my doctors. The other part of me hates it because it means I'm stuck with the weird stuff for longer.

    Glad you found someone who you can rely on. :) It makes the insanity that much easier to deal with.