Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 People I Would Love To Have Dinner With

There is nothing like an autoimmune disease to put you through an emotional roller coaster. The smallest things remind me of my helplessness. All the victories that I celebrate become nothing.

Today it was just my mom pointing to my stack of laundry and saying "This is unacceptable". I don't think you can imagine how much hurt that little phrase caused me. I was sitting there studying and my mom came in and said "This is unacceptable". And suddenly I was aware of everything that I needed to get done and how far behind in everything I am. I just can't get ahead and I can't please anyone, not even myself.

I have laundry and I need to clean my room. My bathroom needs to be scrubbed yet again and I should probably do some vacuuming. I have 10 chapters to finish by the end of the month if I want to even hope to graduate by the end of 2012. I have work this weekend and my exercise class on Friday. My friend's birthday is this weekend and I need to get her a gift and fill my car with gas. I need to fill up my prescription soon and when I get my check I need to take it to the bank. On top of that there are the everyday things that need to get done and I just can't keep up. I don't have the energy. I'm losing my mind.

You know what I need? A life coach. Someone to help me get my shit together because I sure can't seem to do it. Which brings me to the main topic of the day:

The 5 People I Would Love To Have Dinner With

1. Laurie Gerber- President of Handel Group Life Coaching. I really need someone to help me get my shit together because I sure can't. I've heard a ton about the Handel Group lately, all of it very positive. If I had the money, I would hire one of their life coaches on the spot and have them help me whip my life into shape. I would love to sit this lady down and talk about the concept behind her business and how it works. Maybe get a few life pointers from her to make my crazy life easier.

Henri Matisse. Photo taken by
Carl Van Vecthen
2. Henri Matisse- I'm so upset that he's dead. He is my favorite artist of all time. Especially during the Fauve art period. It's all about using color instead of gradation to create shapes and using color to create feelings. And isn't he a handsome devil? I have so many favorite quotes from him, especially this one: "With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft." If I should aspire to be like any artist, it shall to be like Matisse.

3. Audrey Hepburn- It is impossible not to love her. When you look up "classy" and "a lady" in the dictionary, you see her face. I would love to talk with such an iconic woman.

4. Buddha or the Dalai Lama- I would accept a dinner chitchat with either one of them. As you can see by my rant I don't handle stress well. I do meditate, but I'd like to know more and I'd like to use their inspiring calmness to motivate me to strive for a more peaceful mind. If you want to know what to get me for a gift, I'd really like a book on Buddhism.

5. John Keats- Have you read his poetry? I would love to hear him read one of his poems. It's a shame he died so early. He had such great possibility. I'll have to stalk him in the afterlife so I can ask him about the symbolic meaning behind his poem "The Eve of St. Agnes".

Who would you love to have dinner with?

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