Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Conqueror

Conquer: Verb. 1) To defeat in combat; to subjugate. 2) To overcome an abstract obstacle. From

Conquer is such a powerful word. It makes you think of Spanish conquistadors coming to America and stomping out the Aztecs and Incan natives that lived there. Not very pleasant, but very powerful. The word 'conquer' is not a word you can take lightly, which is why I like it. And it fits my purpose perfectly.

Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix
I am overcoming an abstract obstacle. Lupus isn't really something physical. It's not a type of bacteria or virus. Lupus is more of a status. Lupus is chaos. It's disorganized confusion and violence. It is the United States' Civil War and the Revolutionary War all at once. No one is winning and my insides are just bombing the heck out of everything. Think WWII and dropping bombs all over Europe. (Can you tell I like my history?) The painting of the French Revolution by Eugene Delacroix illustrates this perfectly. It's messy, chaotic, and there are dead bodies everywhere. Anarchy!

The song 'The Conqueror' by The Workday Release is my personal theme song. When I close my eyes and listen to this song, I see myself rock climbing or on a tiny boat with a wooden sword chasing after three headed monsters. I'm reminded of the young fearlessness you feel as a kid when you imagine defeating dragons and going on adventures. You're never afraid that the dragon will roast you with its fiery breath because you know that you'll lop its head off before it even gets a chance.

It's that kind of courage and bravery that we all need. I love the lyrics "From above these monsters seem so small/The fear had gone out from our voice/They turn and run, afraid of the fall to the ground" That is how we should all feel with everything we deal with. We can conquer! There is nothing that can hold us down or keep us back. There's always the fear of death and pain in the back of our minds. What for? If we die, we die fighting. Pain? Well, I'm always in pain. That would be nothing new. Lets take out our wooden swords and chase after those dragons. Bring back the courage and bravery we had as children.

What is your personal theme song? What song inspires you? What makes you feel strong and brave.

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