Friday, April 6, 2012

Health Haiku

Today I get to write some Haikus for my Health Activist Writer's Monthly Challenge. This is gonna be so much fun!
Image by Pop Catalin

Chronic Pain
By Megan McCarthy

I hate feeling pain.
So I exercise daily.
Lies! Fine, every other day.

Steroid Curse
By Megan McCarthy

Steroids are evil.
They turn me into a cow.
No more sweets, darling.

Image by Billy Alexander

Lupie Spoons
By Megan McCarthy

Let us go hiking.
Ooops! I used up all my spoons!
Time for a nap, then.

Veggie Monsters
By Megan McCarthy

I love chocolate.
But I'm a Veggie Monster.
I will be healthy.

I really Haiku'd it up, didn't I? Getting my poetry on!


  1. I personally never expected to be using up my spoons writing Haiku!
    Nice post


  2. I'm glad you liked it. I read your haiku poems, too. I thought they were excellent. They were very thought provoking.