Friday, April 20, 2012

My Daily Schedule

Today's post was supposed to be a fake news article saying they found a cure for my health focus, but I didn't feel like that really would add any value to my blog and seemed just a little cruel. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up just to dash them. So I'm using one of the bonus posts instead.

My Daily Schedule
My daily schedule changes depending on the day or what I'm doing, so I'll go day by day and tell you what I do.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: I wake up at 8am to the vibrations of my phone alarm. I reach over to my bookshelf (which, conveniently, is next to my bed) and grab my water bottle and meds. I quickly take a swig of water, tilt my head back, and drop all my pills in and quickly swallow. I hate how the medicine tastes and this is the best pill-swallowing method I've found that keeps me from having to taste it. Then I run to the bathroom because usually I really have to pee. Then, I go to the kitchen and gather what I'm making for breakfast. Lately it's been a smoothie made from fruits, veggies, and soymilk. Then I either sit down in front of the TV and watch a quick show while I finish my breakfast, or if I'm feeling less lazy I sit at the kitchen table and read the newspaper.

I then check the time, usually I'm running out of time to get ready for my exercise class. I take a shower, put on my sweats and whatever T-shirt I can find, fill up my water bottle, gather my purse and everything else I need, and walk down the steps into my car. I drive to the park on the farthest end from my exercise class. I get there an hour before my class starts and I walk around and around the park. Sometimes I barely make one lap before I go sit in my car and wait for class to start. Other days I feel great so I keep walking until class starts.

When class starts, I walk up the stairs. I don't take the elevator. I think I'm afraid that if I give in and take the elevator, I'll become just as much of an invalid as some of those seniors.

After my exercise class, I go home and sit down. I'll do homework, work on this blog, or just browse the internet. Then when I get hungry, I make myself some lunch and knock some stuff off my to-do list if I feel up to it. Usually though, I just work on my homework.

When everyone finally is home, we all sit down and eat dinner together. But if people aren't there, mom and I will sit and watch The Big Bang Theory together. Then we all go into our separate rooms and either sleep or that's when I usually write my blogs posts.

Every Other Day
I wake up at 8. Take my meds. Run off to the bathroom. Weigh myself and take my measurements. Eat breakfast. Laze about until 10. Shower. Either do homework or something from my to-do list. Sit down and relax. Make lunch. Do whatever. Mom gets home, eat, watch TV show together, I write my blog posts, then off to bed.

Days I Work
I hate these days. Wake up at 8. Take meds. Bathroom. Eat breakfast. Shower. Take pain pill. Put on knee brace. Put on work uniform. Make myself a lunch for work. Blowdry my hair and put it in a bun. Fill my water bottle and get a Gatorade from the pantry. Get my book about how to deal with people, get my purse and keys, and leave the house. On the way to work (it takes an hour to get to work) drink the gatorade. Drink all of it before work starts. Usually I leave early enough to give myself time to mentally prepare for the workday. I read my book and recite my work mantra "Smile and Listen" over and over. Practice smiling. Walk inside the building, use the bathroom, and head back to the employee only section. Get all the food and supplies ready for the day. Practice more smiling. Look for somewhere to sit down until we head out. Use the bathroom one last time. Then I spend the next 6 hours standing. Six hours after taking the first pain med dose, I take another. That's why I always take it before work starts. After work, go home. Sometimes my parents will have the hot tub waiting for me. Put on pajamas or other comfortable clothes. Sleep.

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