Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pinterest for Lupus

I created a Pinterest board devoted to Lupus and inspirations to keep me healthy titled Lupus: Conquer In Spite Of. I know, me and that Conquer thing again. Here are my top three images and an explanation of why I chose them:

Here it is again, my Keep Calm poster! Staying healthy is a battle against myself. The winner of the war will be the one most prepared. Which is why I exercise as much as I can, I started an anti-inflammatory diet, and I try not to put myself in germy situations. I want, more than anything else, to be healthy again.

I don't like exercising anymore than the next person. But I know that if I stop, I will really suffer. Exercise has made my life so much easier. To quit on a bad day would be to reverse all that I've gained.

And finally, I chose this picture because there aren't that many people who know what Lupus is or how it affects a Lupus patient's body. This is a great infographic, and I think it should be printed out and taped to telephone polls and shop windows across America. Other diseases get all this recognition, like cancer, but Lupus never does.

I was planning on writing a lot more, but I will be making a visit to my doctor early in the morning. We're talking waking up at 6 and leaving the house by 7. It will be a long day.

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