Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quiet: Day 5 HAWMC

So for day 5, we're supposed to go on and then use the image to write a blog post and relate it to our health focus. And I got cows on their way home. Lovely.
Bringing Them Home, Sunnyside Farm by Peter G Hall

Well, when I think of cows, I think of all the weight I gained from prednisone. But no one wants to hear me moan and groan about all the weight I've gained.

This picture also makes me think of nature. And since the cows are going home, it's dusk. That's usually when I'm the most tired. It's also when everything starts to get quiet.

Ooh... Quiet. And nature...

When I lived near a forest, I used to walk far away from the roads and houses, up the trails to the spots very few people frequented. I would sit on a rock and just listen. I would breathe they way they teach you to when you meditate, and I would listen to the wind blow through the grass. I'd watch little squirrels bound from tree to tree and listen to the little birds sing their songs.

(Quick interruption: I am a firm believer that we have a very deep connection with nature. It is my opinion that there are thousands of little tiny strings connecting us to the trees and the wind and the earth under our feet. I believe that the earth has a pulse, and we humans are just a tiny part of it. I also believe in Mother Nature. And lastly I believe that nature has a consciousness that we used to be tapped into until we started to develop cities and industrialize.)

I would close my eyes and try to feel with my mind everything around me. I'd focus on my sense of smell and touch and my hearing. I'd feel along the tiny strings in my mind and open myself up nature's natural balance. I'd always leave feeling safe and relaxed and more aware of everything around me. I'd feel happy and just a little more sane.

I got sick a few years after moving back into a house in the middle of a city with very little natural environment. When I go back to visit my house near the forest, I always feel great. No more pain, no fatigue, nothing. And often I wonder if it's my quiet time and connecting to nature that is my little cure.

Does nature play a role in your health?


  1. i love that painting... when i hit the explore section of flickr this morning, i almost went for it :) great minds think alike and all that...

    does nature play a role in my health? yes... but not in the way that many think... for me nature is peace, serenity, and mostly wholesome... i feel better when i'm out of the hustle of the city and so by proxy, my health must be better, right? ha!

    were it so easy...

  2. I wish it was that easy myself. It's good to just relax and forget about everything you still have left on your agenda.