Sunday, April 22, 2012

Smile and Listen

Hooray! I've made it to post number 50. I can now cross this off of my Bucket List. I've very happy and excited to share with you my 50th post, which also happens to be Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge #22: The Things We Forget.

I forget everything. If it isn't written down, I won't remember it. There's always something important I need to remember. But what I have found to be the most useful and beneficial thing to remember is one simple phrase. This simple phrase works in any situation that deals with people. Except at funerals. Skip the first half at funerals.

Smile and Listen. When you smile at someone like you're excited to see them, even if you don't know them, good things are bound to happen. I repeat this to myself every day before I go to work or go out in public. First impressions are always important, and a gigantic, real smile will always make a good impression.

After I smile, I need to remind myself to listen. My instinct is to just start talking about myself, but I have to be reminded that the world does not revolve around me. I'd get more enjoyment out of life if I would just listen. I have so much to learn if I would just zip my lips instead of trying to get all the things I want to say in. And it's such a terrible habit I've been in since I was little. It's a very hard one to break. Which is why I must remind myself to smile and listen.

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