Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stress N' Skinny

Sorry for the break, guys. I needed some "me" time to just relax as much as possible. Not that I've done much relaxing.

It all started this past weekend when I got a text from my boyfriend saying "Babe, we need to talk". Uh oh, what now? I didn't found out until three days later when he somewhat rudely broke up with me. I was in shock. That was the last thing I expected from him.

The same day he texted me "Babe, we need to talk", I got a letter from my school. I ran out of time to finish my degree program. I can have a six month extension if I pay them $75. I can't afford to pay that on top of the rest of the money I owe them for tuition. Plus, I am so far behind in my program, six months would not be enough. That six month break I took when I got sick is kicking me in the head right now. I'm giving myself 15 days to finish 300 pages of notes, and even now I'm struggling to keep up with my 20 pages a day goal. I'm currently doing about 6 pages a day. Which doesn't sound like a lot at all, but it is.

Then, I'm currently going through a job interview process. I have to turn in some references and then I'm pretty sure I go in for another interview.

Surprise break-up, no money, an impossible deadline for my schooling, and job interviews. If you add that to all the daily stress I've been dealing with trying to manage my Lupus and my life, I'm going crazy.

But on a lighter note...
I tried on my skinny jeans yesterday. For the past few months, they haven't fit. I haven't even been able to get them past my thighs. But yesterday, they slid up over my thighs like it was no problem. Then I started to worry that I might not be able to button and zip them up. But they did. I had to lay flat on my bed to zip them up, but they zipped. I was ecstatic. Victory is mine! All my exercising and dieting has payed off. And I'm not even done yet. And right before bikini season, too. I'm going to look so good this summer.

Also, at my exercise class two days ago, I was doing my pre-class walk when I decided I would attempt some jogging. I did some jogging on a treadmill at the hotel I stayed at a while ago, but there's a difference to running on the sidewalk and a treadmill. I was able to run about three blocks before I needed to go back to walking, but it was a lot better than I expected. Now I just need some more fitness clothes and a sports bra. Once again, my broke-ness is killing me. I might just have to steal some from my little sis.
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