Sunday, June 3, 2012

I've Been Certified to Teach!

Yesterday I got my certification to teach an Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program. I am ecstatic! I will finally be able to teach people how to exercise in a way that will help reduce arthritis pain.

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English: Arthritis Foundation Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It took an entire day to get certified. To get certified, we went through all 90 exercises. All 90. And they had us try part of the endurance, which was way too much activity for me. I'm a bit concerned for some of the people who were gettting certified because they were healthy, active young people. I don't think they could really wrap their mind around the fact that the people they're teaching might not be capable of doing all the exercises.

It was a good day, but doing all those exercises gave me a flare up. I'll be hurting for a few days after this. But who cares? I'm certified! Now I can actually start helping out other people who have arthritis or chronic pain. Maybe even people around my age who, like me, are trying to get their life back to normal (or as normal as it can be). I can't wait to start planning lessons and teaching!
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