Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crazy Week and One Day Left To Donate For Walk For Lupus Now

What a crazy week this has been. I have not had a single day off since Sunday. Luckily on Saturday I was able to have some fun. I spent the day at Epicenter 2012 at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater.

It was an incredible concert. It started off with me catching the guitar pick for Hyro Da Hero. They were an interesting band. I couldn't tell if I liked them or not. It was annoying how every few seconds they'd throw their mic or guitar in the air and catch it. Once is like "ooh" but a dozen times is just like saying "Hey, I'm showing off". The next band to play was Beware of Darkness. They had a few sound problems. And guitar problems. After the lead singer chucked his guitar around the stage, I think most of the audience understood why most of their equipment didn't work. But their drummer was pretty awesome. He was on fire, when suddenly I see half a drumstick hurtling through the air towards my face. There was a chick standing behind me, and that half a drumstick hit her right in the face. She didn't mind, though. She was ecstatic. And it gave me an awesome story to tell. Two more bands played before my next awesome happening. Then Hollywood Undead came on stage. I saw them at the first Epicenter. They were incredible then. I think they were even better now. I was lucky enough to get hi-fives from three of the members of Hollywood Undead. I'm so short, they almost couldn't reach my hands. They could only reach my fingertips. I can feel my heart beating faster remembering all the crazy awesome stuff that happened.

While we were leaving, some more awesome stuff happened. My friend and I got hit on by some drunk dudes in a limo, I got hi-fived by a most likely high guy who said he didn't give a fuck. And we got a free CD of some pretty awesome music.
This picture makes me feel like screaming from joy! (That's my hand)
(Also, this image is copyrighted so don't steal)
Then on Sunday my boyfriend donated $30 for my Lupus walk. I have only been asking $5 or $10 from people, so when I saw what he had donated three times that amount to something that means so much to me, I cried. That was the biggest donation I had recieved until my grandma was nice enough to beat that donation. "Who keeps cutting those darn onions?" I jokingly texted him after thanking him for his generosity.

I've worked nonstop since Sunday and Monday I worked at the movies. Tuesday my boyfriend came over and I also taught class. The boyfriend and I spent every second together until I had to go to work yesterday.

Yesterday was crazy. It deserves its own paragraph. It was a really slow day. It had been over an hour since I had clocked in and I had helped maybe one person. I was cleaning stuff, because that's all there is to do when it's that slow, when I heard a clatter and the usher call out my name. I saw this woman had fallen over there was stuff on the ground. She could barely stand up. She was having cognitive problems. After finally getting her to sit down, I tried to get her re-hydrated. She had suffered from heat stroke, even though it hadn't been very hot out that day. She would only drink one glass of water and said she would like to walk home. I wasn't comfortable with the idea, so I tried to make her sit down while I stalled to get her things ready. I know it's important to cool your internal body temperature with heat stroke, so I wanted her to sit in an air conditioned room for as long as possible. Before letting her leave, I made sure she had my number and my theater's number so she could call me if she made it home safely. If not, I was going to call an ambulence to go looking for her.

After leaving the building, she didn't seem coherent. She was walking around the building, so my manager called for an ambulence. After they checked her out, they drove her home. I got a lovely phone call from her husband thanking me for helping his wife. I was so happy to hear that she was okay and made it home safe.

Then today, my partner in crime couldn't teach, so I taught the whole class by myself. It's hard to teach a rowdy bunch of adults. Especially when they're my parents so they don't give me as much respect as they would a stranger. But I did a good job. I survived.

Tomorrow I work, and Saturday is the Lupus Walk! That means there is one day left to donate! Your donation of $1, $5, or $10 would make me eternally grateful. You can donate here.

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