Monday, November 5, 2012

3 Things I Am Thankful For

The most difficult part of writing this post was picking just three things. One of the problems I encounter with most of my posts is I write way too much. But there is more impact with brevity, so I'm sticking to the List of 3.

My #ListOf3 Things I am Thankful For

1. I am so thankful for the people in my life who are supportive of me: My boyfriend, my friends, and my family have all been so helpful and supportive when I need them there the most. After weeding out all the people who really didn't care about me, all I'm left with now is the truly wonderful people.

2. I'm thankful that my health has improved enough that I can work consistently: Being able to afford my medicine and other important living expenses has been a huge stress-reliever. Also, I'm just glad to have my health improve.

3. I'm so thankful I was born in this era: I would hate to live in the Middle Ages. I'm terrified of needles as it is, imagine all the other crazy stuff they used to do to try to make people better.
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