Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Earning Money From Health Problems: Ethical or Not?

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Earning Money From Health Problems Ethical?

The topic of earning money from blogging ruffles many bloggers' feathers. Some stick with the "anything to make a buck" model while some prefer to follow a more ethical root and do only what is good for the reader. The rest stay strictly apathetic on the matter.

When discussing earning money from a health blog, the temperature gets more than a few degrees hotter. When is it okay, if ever, to make money from your health problem? Is it only okay when you donate that money to an organization? Is it okay no matter what?

Megan, author of Conquer In Spite Of, weighed in on this question for us.

"It is okay for health bloggers to make money from their blogs under certain circumstances. With health problems, much of the money you make gets funneled into taking care of your health and saving up for emergencies."

So when does it become wrong for a person to earn money?

"Playing off a reader's sympathy is wrong. If a person makes it appear that they are more sick than they are, then it is not okay to ask for readers' donations. That is almost as bad as the people who cry wolf."

Many people would agree with you. What is your stance on the grey areas? Like how they use the money.

"If the money you earn is going towards your health, that is okay. After taking care of your health, then it is important to give back by either donating to a foundation related to your health problem or finding ways to help others in your community. The readers, whose help is needed to make the money, are on your site because of what you write about. And if they donate, they're doing it to help with your illness. Using that money for something other than that would be dishonest."

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