Sunday, November 4, 2012

How To Decide What To Share On Your Blog

Today's topic is "How do you decide what to share? What do/don't you share?" so I decided to tell you how I decide what to share and give you advice on what to share.

What Affects You

1. Would I be okay sharing this with my family? What I write must be honest, appropriate, and if I share it online, I must be prepared for people in my real life to see it.

2. Could this affect my job status or make me unhirable? Anything you put on the internet can potentially stay there for the rest of your life. And there is always the possibility of it going viral. You never know. So I make sure that anything I put online, I'd be okay with my boss seeing, or the entire nation. And when I'm 50, will I be okay with what I write being attached to me? 

What Affects Others

1. Is this something useful to other lupus patients? If other lupus patients will not relate to what I'm posting, I don't include it. There have been times that i've been excited to talk about something, but it would be irrelevant to other patients. I try my best to stay on-topic.

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2. Would I want to read this if I came across this site on my own? If I wouldn't read it if I came across it on StumbleUpon, then I don't want to post it. It's a waste of space on my blog that could go towards a better post.

These are very important things to consider when writing a post. And this is how I decide what to write.
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