Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Life Is A Reality Show

Day 14 of WEGO Health's #NHPBM is here and we were given two choices: How to deal with negativity or My Life is a Reality Show.

Originally I was going to write about dealing with negativity, but then I read some blog posts where the authors were very obviously "hating" on each other. I was disappointed that people in my community were behaving that way, and I was thankful I had never experienced it directly.

Conquering Lupus


Me (Megan), my immediate family, my boyfriend, and my best friend


In the prime of my youth, I got Lupus. On top of learning how to deal with college, money, relationships, new independence, jobs, and everything that comes with your 20-somethings, I must learn how to manage my Lupus and stay healthy.

After newly turning 21, I go on all the adventures I couldn't have when I wasn't old enough. I learn to strike the delicate balance between my new drinking experience with life challenges: Lupus, relationships, college, and trying to break free of financial dependence on my parents.

The season would start off with a visit to my Rheumatologist.  We discuss Lupus and some warnings about things I'll have to be careful of with my new exposure to alcohol. After that we show my 21st birthday where I drink my first alcoholic beverage!

The season goes on to show me working through college, dealing with my parents (who, at times, forget that I am an adult and do things like ground me), friendships, raising awareness, and trying to knock off some of the crazy items on my bucket list.

Yes, I have a bucket list. 100 items that need to get finished off.

Number 1: Pet or feed a hippo.
Hollywood Sign
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The Set

Set at my house, my work, and various places in the LA area.

Why People Should Watch

I can relate to millions of people. I can give hope and raise awareness for individuals with chronic diseases. 

Television needs a reality show like mine. We have enough Jersey Shore and Snooki and Honey Boo Boo. 

There is nothing on television that reflects a huge portion of society, the average citizens dealing with regular problems, on top of consequences from our toxic society and genetic problems. There are few docu-style reality shows that fit this criteria and are inspiring yet entertaining.
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