Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trouble Comes in Three

This post has nothing to do with Lupus. Or at least I think so. I'm kind of confused.

Waking Up

My problems started as soon as I woke up. I was a having a dream about WWII sort of, and Japan had just dropped a nuclear bomb within view of my little wood house. In the middle of all that, I woke up. In a pool of blood. It was very disgusting. Very, very gross.

Turns out I had my period? But my period ended last week. Literally seven days ago. So Idk. The internet is not helping me out at all, either.

Since my body decided to make a big, bloody mess I had to wash my clothes and my sheets. I decided to add a little bleach since they're white. But I added too much, and it splashed all over me. And now I have a minor chemical burn on my hand and my foot is still stinging even though I almost immediately rinsed it off.

While I was rinsing the bleach off my skin, I realized my phone was missing. I checked all over my room. I looked under my pillow, peered under my head, checked my desk. It was nowhere to be found.

"OH NO!"

I ran as fast as I could into the laundry room. I pawed at the washing machine trying to get the water to stop pouring in. I opened the lid to see it is already filled to the top with water. I plunge my hand into the bleachy/soapy water and dig around until I find my phone. 

By this time, I feel like crying, but I find some rice and fill a plastic baggy with it. I hope it will help, but I have a feeling this might be the end of the line for my phone.


I have no phone now. I have to go to work. And make my bed once I get home. And the whole period mess thing. 

On top of that, on Monday I have to call a doctor to see if I have a UTI and explain all the other strange stuff that has been going on with  my health. I have really, really bad fatigue. I didn't have the energy to even eat yesterday. I sat there propping myself up using my fork. I probably looked really pathetic. And I've also been having really bad pain all over my body. It's just been a bad past few days.

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