Monday, January 7, 2013

Scrambled Eggs in My Hair

I've been going "No-Poo" for a couple of months now and since winter is here, my scalp has been very dry and flaky. Gross! So I wanted to change things up to hydrate my scalp. Naturally.

Last time, I tried a warm oil treatment. I got tired of doing it right, so I stuck my hair in the little bowl I was using. I had way too much oil in the bowl so my hair was oily for a week. I spent hours every day giving my hair a "hot oil treatment". Basically, I tried frying the oil out of my hair like bacon. It sort of worked, but there were a few times I almost caught my hair on fire. I wouldn't recommend EVER trying that.

This time I got on the internet and found a couple eggs and a teaspoon or so of olive oil would help. So that's what I did. Once again, I started off doing things the right way, but got tired of that and ended up sticking my head in the bowl and coating my hair that way. And it worked out fine.

The Water I Shower With Is TOO HOT!

That's right. Instead of rinsing the egg out of my hair, it cooked it! I was pulling little bits of scrambled egg out of my hair! I'm really hoping it doesn't clog the drain. 

"Why is there scrambled eggs down the shower drain?" Oh, no! A bird must have found it's way into the drains and laid an egg there and then the water cooked the egg! Could you imagine?

I had to turn the water down to what felt like ice water (it is better for my hair and skin, though). But my scalp is already feeling less dry and my hair doesn't feel too oily.
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