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The Awesome Benefits of Castor Oil

Carunculate seed of Ricinus communis (Castor b...
Carunculate seed of Ricinus communis (Castor beans) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
About a week ago I bought a bottle of cold-pressed Castor Oil. I had read a lot about how great it is for many different purposes so I decided to try some. And I LOVED it.

First I started with something simple. Well, sort of simple.

Getting Rid Of Stretchmarks

I have quite a few stretchmarks from gaining weight on steroids, some that mysteriously popped up for seemingly no reason, and some I've had since middle school when I went through puberty. So my chest, and my hips, and part of my butt all had what looked like tiger scratches. I don't care about them too much, but I sometimes feel uncomfortable when people point them out to me. Who wouldn't feel uncomfortable with people pointing out their flaws?

After buying it, I came home and poured a little in my palms and massaged it into the stretchmarks. I go about my business, do whatever, and then go to bed. In the morning, I check out my stretchmarks and you can obviously tell some magic was happening because the stretchmarks aren't such a deep purple-red. They were paler and noticeably smaller. After a week (with a couple skipped days in there) the stretchmarks on my left hip are practically gone, the ones on my right are SO much better than they used to be. And my chest has turned to pale white and they aren't as deep as they used to be. The skin is almost completely smooth.

This was amazing. I just poured a little bit of the castor oil onto my palms and rubbed it on the areas with stretch marks. Poof, they're almost back to being normal skin.

I'd show you the pics, but I look really pregnant and disfigured in them. It doesn't help that I have an infection in my lower abdomen so I'm bloated. And no, I'm not prego. Just very bloated. (It sucks, because now I can't drink on my 21st birthday. The medicine I'm on says no to alcohol. I cried when I realized I couldn't drink.)

A Face Cleansing

I got this idea from one of my favorite websites. If you have never seen it, you might want to go check it out:

I was too lazy to do the whole washcloth thing. 
Actually I didn't bother with it much at all. I'm so terrible at following directions. Anyways, instead of getting a washcloth and a couple different oils and whatever else, I made this little concoction.

1. Castor oil, not too much, maybe a quarter size. You can always add more
2. Baking soda. Just a sprinkle or two.

I turned this thing into a "scrub" and rubbed it all over my face especially where I get the tendency to get pimply. Then I wiped it off with some toilet paper and rinsed the rest off. See? No need for a washcloth.

It's like I butted a baby and I'm wearing its butt skin on my face like a mask. My face is a baby's butt. A clean baby's butt. No poopy diapers here.

After that success, I decided to try something else

Hair Serum? Is that what people call it?

I use an oil for my hair because it gets mega frizzy. Especially since I bleached highlights into my hair this summer, so I have some split ends. And I hate going for haircuts. So I put some moisturizing stuff in my hair and then oil it up with those little bottles you get from hair care companies.

But that just didn't cut it today. My hair was just being really difficult. So I broke out my bad imitation of an evil Russian accent, well a bit more like evil Russian mixed with Arnold Schwarzenegger. "I WEEEL DEEESTROY YOU". I pour a drop (seriously, it's a heavy oil so any more and your going to be a giant oil head) and start from the ends of my hair smoothing out all the split ends working my way up. But that wasn't enough for my poor hair, so I add another two drops, and I get the brilliant idea of adding my new bottle of essential oil to the mix. I put barely a drop in there, and it was almost overwhelming. But now that it's worn down a bit, I smell like a field of lavender. My hair, smells like a flower field. Delightful. And it's no longer a frizzy mess.

But I do need a haircut. I look like a crazy 70's hippie.

What do you use castor oil for?

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