Friday, March 29, 2013

I Have A Personal Trainer

I went shopping for clubbing clothes a few days ago. I didn't end up finding anything remotely "clubby", but I did try on a whole bunch of clothes. It was really depressing. I don't think it helped that I was feeling a bit low and nothing was fitting well or hung correctly. Eventually the only thing I bought was a pair of sweats and some running shorts. Those were the only things that looked remotely decent.

"You know what? Fuck this. I'm getting a gym membership". That thought is the reason why my entire body is sore today. I signed up for a gym membership. And with it, I get a personal trainer 2x a week. Woohoo!

My Gym/Personal Trainer Reservations

I never bought a gym membership before because of my health concerns. Would these people have any clue what Lupus is? Would they be understanding of my limitations? Would more intense exercise send me into a flare? Would they be honest with me or would they just try to sell me on their priciest plan?

Immediately after leaving the store, I drove to the LA Fitness by my work. I admit, I was pretty intimidated by the sea of people in workout clothes running on treadmills and lifting weights and working the various machines. Could I become a part of this gym culture? 

I spent a huge chunk of time speaking with various members of the LA Fitness team. From general manager to personal trainer, they all seemed to be honest with me and helped me find the best plan for my concerns with both my health problems and a plan that wouldn't overwhelm my budget. I ended up paying for a plan that was on a month-to-month basis so that if I have a flare, it wouldn't be too big a problem to quit. I also settled on working with a personal trainer twice a week. I even got to speak with my would-be personal trainer to discuss my concerns and what sessions would look like. I have to say, my personal trainer is awesome.

Right off the bat he said we'd start with resistance training because it would burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time and it would be relatively easy on my joints. Oh, he's good. There was such a good vibe from every person I met and talked with, I pretty much just handed over my credit card and signed the papers and skipped out of there with a huge smile on my face.

Working With My Trainer

I got there a little early so my trainer, Danny, had me warm-up on the treadmill. Just an easy walk until it was time to get started. We did some wall sits, then some squats on one of those step-up benches with a 25lb weight, we did some rowing with resistance bands, and then 5 push ups on one of those balance balls.

OMG it was so much harder than it looked. I thought I would be able to handle it really well. But after 4 rounds of these exercises I was already feeling sore and tired.

It was funny, because after I had finished, I was thinking "this is great".

Have you had any great experiences with personal trainers?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Living Healthy Is Fun

I read a lot of health blogs and watch a TON of videos on YouTube trying to find a better, healthier way to live my life. And they all make being healthy sound so boring. Maybe I'm not looking at the right stuff, but I get tired of reading and watching those stereotypical workouts. I wish people would describe exercising they way they do food porn. Or talk about some remedy in less sterile terms.

And I'm just as guilty. I forget to mention that going "no poo" with my hair has gotten compliments from many people. Even my dad, who once didn't notice I dyed my hair a completely different color. After taking my exercise class for the very first time, I felt like someone had pumped some life back into me after months of helplessness and pain. We forget about the wonder of getting your body and life back.

Why do we do this? How is that going to make anyone want to go get healthy? I had this man come up to me at work. He was almost as wide as he was tall. He shuffled along, wincing occasionally and when he walked up to my counter he was wheezing like Brainy in "Hey Arnold". He went on to tell me all the reasons why he wouldn't want to be healthy or eat healthier. How he wouldn't mind dying because of the food he eats as long as he got to finish the meal. I spent the rest of the day wondering what he might be missing out on and why he was so afraid of eating healthy. And why he thought healthy food couldn't taste good.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle is Fun

I ended up even more colorful than this.
Have you ever heard of the Color Run? That was insane! I had the best time of my life running that 5k. It has inspired me to keep up the work so that next time I can run more of it. Did you see some of those pictures I posted? 

By the end of the run, I was covered from head to toe in colored cornstarch. I can't wait to do it again.

There are so many themed runs out there, there has to be something for everyone. Personally, I would love to get that Tough Mudder under my belt. I'll definitely have to get into shape for that one, since it's 10-12 miles of awesome, muddy fun. I'll probably have to get a gym membership for that one.

You Get To Experiment With Food

I love when I come across a delicious new recipe that is nutritious and I know will give me plenty of fuel for the day. Plus, who doesn't like to eat?

Just think about those delicious Two Ingredient Pancakes I showed you guys in an earlier post. And there is so much food out there to try and things we can create by mixing stuff you can find in the fridge. Some of my favorite places to look for inspiration is Pinterest and And you don't have to follow the recipes. You can switch ingredients that aren't on your list with ingredients that are. There's a healthy substitution for everything. I guess I'll have to write about that in a later post.

It breaks my heart when people say they refuse to get healthy because they don't want to give up their favorite foods. It's not like they will be suffering or starving. There's a whole world of food they're hiding from because they fear it. They fear they will starve. They fear it won't taste as good or they'll be missing out on something. I don't think I've missed out on anything. I have gained far more than I have lost. Plus, there are ways to eat what you enjoy, but make it healthier. Well, some things. I'm pretty sure deep fried butter is hard to make healthier.

You Open Yourself Up To More Opportunities

I have so much more energy to go out and do things not that I've started to live a healthier lifestyle. I'm not completely debilitated by fatigue all the time (that doesn't mean I don't get it, it just means it isn't all the damn time). 

I'm on the right. :)
I went clubbing on my 21st birthday and danced the night away. I was exhausted the next day. But I wasn't dead, like I had expected to be if I ever attempted that. I also didn't die of embarrassment at my lack of dancing abilities. But speaking of embarrassment, I should probably practice for the next time I go out. I also need to work on walking in my high heels. I really don't want to fall over. Again.

Some Words Of Wisdom:

Don't knock it before you try it. I know a lot of people are scared to take the plunge. Or they're comfortable in their bubble. Or they don't even realize that there is something better out there waiting for them. Don't fear failure. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

What inspires you to get healthy? And what do you want me to talk about next? Should we go "no poo" or get our food porn on?

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