Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another Personal Trainer Day

I had another workout with my personal trainer today.

It was AWESOME!!!

I have no clue why I enjoy these workout sessions so much. I swear, it's like Danny (personal trainer man) is trying to kill me. I go in, he makes me workout until my poor little weak muscles can't take it anymore, and then I go home and shower off the icky sweat I've worked up. How is it fun?

I really don't understand it. But I have to say I've already decided this is one of the best purchases I've made in my entire life.

On the road to becoming a fitness junkie

I was supposed to work out with personal trainer man on Tuesday, but he was sick and had to move our date to today. But I didn't want to just vegetate at home. So off I went to the gym.

Now, I had bought the membership and had one training session, but I had never had a tour of the place. So I asked if someone could show me around. I ended up getting a tour from a very nice man who used to be a physical trainer, himself. He was very friendly and not only did he show me where all the different machines were, he was also kind enough to explain how quite a few of them worked. He must have noticed that I had no clue what half of those machines do.

Getting ready to teach my AFEP class
But that wasn't even the best part. I found out that their bathrooms are really this magical world of its own with lots of cool stuff. (Okay, I'm sounding really silly, but I had never been in a gym before in my life before becoming a member here. Closest I got was the gyms at school). Not only are there bathrooms and showers, but they have a steam room! And a hot tub thing. Woo! I'll have to buy me a bathing suit now just so I can chill out there. They also have a pool (another reason to get a swimsuit)  that I am dying to swim some laps in. They also have a Water Aerobics class for people with arthritis. It's basically the water version of what I teach! I'll definitely have to check it out. If I ever can wake up in time to go visit.

Back to the story...

After the tour I decided to workout. But to be quite honest with you, I was very intimidated by all the people working out. I don't really know the machines that well, and I really wanted to work with the free weights (because I actually know what to do with those things) but there were far too many good looking guys with killer arm muscles hogging up the weights. I started walking over there, and then as soon as I saw a few guys looking my way I kept walking until I was in the bathroom/magic land. I did get a nice workout on the treadmill, though. 

I have a feeling things will get easier when I know the machines like the back of my hand and I know exercises to do and can start formulating my own routines. 

Though I have to admit, it's really hard to workout around so many good looking guys around when you know they are watching you out of the corner of their eyes. Or watching you without trying to hide it. Trainer man had me working with the weights today (my arms are jello right now) and all the guys in the vicinity were listening to me talk and watching me workout. Dudes, check me out when I'm not sweating.

What is your favorite workout?

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