Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dear Older Me

Welcome to day 6 of WEGO Health's Health Activists Writer's Month Challenge. It's such a mouthful.

Today I write a letter to my future self. I'm choosing 10 years down the line, so I will be 31.

Dear Future Megan,

Thinking about how old I'll be in ten years frightens me a bit. But at 31, you will have passed the 10 year test of survival. Because 85% of people diagnosed with Lupus will survive ten years with this disease. And it's looking good for you so far, even though we're just about to start year 2.

A picture of me, today.
But I don't think we should be focusing on such a morbid topic. Very few people like death for breakfast (unless it's bacon). Let's focus on all the good things. By the time we hit 31, you and I will have done some amazing things. We will have graduated college (this is non-negotiable), and we will find a career that is devoted to helping others and making life with Lupus easier. And you do this because 10 years ago, you realized that the only thing that makes you happy is finding that elusive quality called 'healthy'. I hope you don't give up on this search because right now I feel like you're heading in the right way.

I do have some questions to ask the older and (hopefully) wiser version of myself. Did you accomplish any of your goals as an activist? Were you able to change someone's life for the better? Did you ever write that book you wanted to write 10 years ago? What is one lesson you wish I could have learned earlier?

It's been nice talking to you, but I need to get back to the present. I have laundry that's piling up and a ton of homework. Now go do something productive.

Love, Megan, age 21.
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