Monday, April 1, 2013


Sorry I've been so MIA lately. I had to deal with my abdominal pain (which was not appendicitis, thankfully) that ended up being diagnosed as a pulled muscle. You cannot imagine how embarrassed I felt when the doc told me.

Now that my pain has gone away and I've started working with a personal trainer, I think I'm ready to tackle this year's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge and I'm really excited to get started on some of these posts. I've never finished one of these month writing challenges, and I'm really hoping that this will be the time when I can finish the entire month.


I did last year's month challenge and was able to complete 24 of the prompts. I had only been blogging for three short months and hadn't been diagnosed for that long either. I now have a year of experience behind me and some of the strange things Lupus brings seems almost normal. 

So why did I choose to take this challenge this year?

HAWMC, and the other writing challenges I've done, have been the best way for me to find new blogs and read other people's perspectives on a variety of health topics. You get to participate in some great discussions about health care and how to take care of your body and you gain the support of a huge community. Everyone who posts has experienced some of the hardships that come with chronic illnesses and sometimes all you need is to know that you aren't the only one feeling the way you are. And I get to share my experiences with others so they know they aren't alone.

Reason number two? I love a challenge. And I also enjoy writing. I'm hoping this will be the year that I can finish this challenge all the way to the very end. It also forces me to keep at it and write like a madwoman. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy blogging, and this forces me to keep at it and not make excuses why I can't blog today.

Are you participating in WEGO Health's Health Activist Writing Month Challenge? If so, leave a link. If you aren't but would like to, check out WEGO Health's sign-up page.

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