Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lupus Awareness Month Awesome Giveaway!!!

Happy Lupus Awareness Month!!!

I have an exciting announcement. I'm holding a contest! In honor of Lupus Awareness Month and my upcoming 2 year anniversary of triggering my Lupus I am holding an awesome contest.

The Prize:

The 32 GB Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet.

This bad boy is 7" and has a 1280x800 HD display of awesome. It's got a polarizing filter and anti-glare technology so you can actually see it. 

"Oh, but Megan, I don't really read much. Why would I need one?"

Glad you asked. Not only will you have access to over 23 million TV shows, movies, books, audiobooks, and a whole slew of popular apps and games, you also will have access to Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, and so on. Did I mention it also has a camera so you can use Skype or take selfies everywhere you go?

And if we raise:

$1,000.00: I will add on a $25 Amazon gift card so you can get stuff to put on your new Kindle.

$5,000.00: I will turn that $25 Amazon gift card into a $50 Amazon gift card.

$10,000.00: If you can manage to help me raise $10k, I will make that gift card worth $100.

Contest Rules and How To Enter:

When is this contest going on?
5/01/13 Midnight PST - 5/26/13 Midnight PST

How do I enter?
Go to http://lupus.donorpages.com/LosAngeles2013/MeganMcCarthy and donate $5 or more to my "Walk To End Lupus Now" fundraiser page. Each $5 donation is equal to 1 raffle ticket (so $15 is 3 raffle tickets). Make sure you use an email address that you check frequently because that is how I will contact the winner. The winner will also be announced here on ConquerInSpiteOf.com on 5/27/13.

How is the winner chosen?
I will tally up each person's 'raffle tickets' and then use Random.org to choose a random winner. The more you donate, the greater your chance of having your name drawn. Only people in the United States of America can win, and if the winner does not contact me by 6/8/13 I will pick a new winner.

So what are you going to do with all that money?
I am doing nothing with the money. It is going straight to the Lupus Foundation of America and will be a part of my total in September when I walk during the "Walk To End Lupus Now". And if you will be in LA during that time, feel free to join my team!

What would you do with a new Kindle Fire HD?

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