Monday, April 8, 2013

Werewolves and Lupus

Lupus has two different animal mascots. The first mascot, which is the official mascot, is the butterfly which is inspired by the butterfly rash.

The second animal mascot is less official than the first but is just as common in the Lupus world. In latin, the world Lupus means wolf. Therefore a wolf is often pictured in association with this disease. We are also lucky enough to get our own constellation. It's not actually ours, but it's called Lupus, so we'll take it. 

But neither of these really feel like they should be the mascot for Lupus. Instead, we should stick with history and mythology and use the werewolf as our animal mascot.

If you look at the history of Lupus, you will see that a lot of the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of being a werewolf. And also vampires. It has been suggested that both Lupus and something call porphyria were the cause of the werewolf myth along with hypertrichosis and lycanthropy.

See, Lupus has a lot of the symptoms of turning into a werewolf. The discoid lesions look a bit like bites or scratches. The malar rash has been suggested to look like the pattern of fur on wolves. And then there are the symptoms that are definitely "werewolf related".

There is the tendency to run a fever which is common in the werewolf myths. (Unfortunately, the Twilight series has ruined both vampires and werewolves for people. Seriously, 'Oh, Jacob was so hot, his skin was burning. Oh dear, Edward is as cold as ice.')
Cover of "Underworld (Unrated) [Blu-ray]&...
Cover of Underworld (Unrated) [Blu-ray]

Then there is the disfiguration that comes from all the stupid Lupus problems like arthritis. The joint pain could be associated with the shape-shifting involved with being a werewolf.

Then there is the sensitivity to light, which I never hear associated with werewolves, but you do see that all the time with vampires.

So I guess all Lupies are secretly werewolves. With a touch of vampire. It's like Underworld! We're like Eve, Michael and Selene's child. Both vampire and lycan (werewolf).
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